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Terms and Conditions for using CSLoxinfo service
Please read all terms and conditions before using CSLoxinfo service
Changes to terms and conditions / price of service
The Terms and Conditions of service can be changed or amended at any time. The company reserves the right to change prices for goods and services. Customers can check for the latest updated details from www.csloxinfo.com
Change of Website www.csloxinfo.com
The company reserves the right to cancel or change the website’s content without prior notice.
The Users’ responsibility
1. Users must not use CSLoxinfo’s internet service to offend the privacy of other people. Users must not publicize or forward data, pictures or photographs of another person to the general public without true authorized permission, even if that person may not have security systems. Any user who commits any offending behavior, does so at his/her own full responsibility.
2. Users must not use the CSLoxinfo’s internet network to transmit, receive any statement, data, picture or code or publish anything illegal or that offends policies, rules, orders given by the Ministerial regulations of the Information and Communication Technology Ministry or anything immoral, against religious beliefs, offends/ is deemed to offend any member of the Royal Family or endangers the nation’s security. CSLoxinfo reserve rights to suspend or/and cancelled the service of anyone who commits the offence and is not responsible for any damage which may happen from service suspension or cancellation.
3. Users must be careful and to not perform anything to the computer network in order to illegally access any computer system of the company or/and computer network that is not intended for his/her use. Users are also liable for keeping his/her own Password from unauthorized people.
CSloxinfo will not be responsible for any damage cause by the defect, malfunction or non-service of the cable system, communications circuit or network system linkage or the result of statement, information, data, pictures or code of users in communications which may be delayed, lost or damaged.
5. CSLoxinfo has no responsibility for the control, detection, protection, storing or any other acts, including the guarantee of the quality of information, data or picture transmitted through the Company’s network. The Company also is not held responsible for customer’s loss or damages resulting from the delay, mistakes, defect or malfunction of the communications circuit used by the customer for transmission purpose through the Company’s network.
1. Cancellation can be made by sending in written confirmation and will be effective by the end of the month in which the company receives the document. The cancellation notice must be given at least 10 days prior to the final month of a contract and date of issue invoice.
2. If a customer needs to cancel before the end of contract, penalties may be applied as stated in the agreement.
3. The terms of use and conditions of service in the application, contract and/or in www.csloxinfo.com is important. In cases where customers fail to comply with the terms and conditions provided herein, which cause the Company the right to terminate their service without prior notice, is not responsible for any damage which may occur.
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